Blitz Phoenix - Chapter 5, Page 32


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Chapter 5, Page 32

So... be honest: how corny would it be if I renamed those bracelets "Circuit Breakers"? Because that's what I've wanted to call them but I'm not sure if I can bring myself to do that.

Happy Halloween!

Halloween 2014
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I did the Halloween thing that I did last year again. This time, everybody's dressed as characters from Modest Medusa, a very adorable comic about a young gorgon girl living with humans (basically, the creator and his roommates). Mostly a gag-style comic, very funny and cute.

Here's the matchups:

I figure Terry has just two things in common with Modest: they're both the main characters of their stories, and their mothers are both giant snakes.

Update: Here is the other end, where the Demon Archives cast dresses as Blitz Phoenix characters. Go check it out.

In other news, I'm considering doing a Q&A between chapters 5 and 6. More details here, anyone can participate.